Avoiding Email Attachment Trouble

By Billy Parkinson

Cyberspace is a dangerous, virus-filled place, and you're probably wondering, "How should I handle all the attachments I get in my email?"

First, know who's sending the email that contains an attachment. The identity of the sender can speak volumes. Be sure to tell your friends and family if you're sending them an attachment. If you're really nice, you'll scan the attachment for viruses before you send it. Don't worry, a virus won't attach itself to the message after you click Send.

If you don't know the person who sent the email, or if the email address looks suspicious, you probably shouldn't open the file. Malicious viruses and worms infecting the Internet can send themselves from the address books of even your best friends. If you're not expecting an attachment from someone, it's probably best to scan the file with a virus scanner.