Top Homework Help Sites

Help your kids succeed in school while brushing up on your own math, science, and reading skills.

By Diane Provo

Parents don't have a lot of time to spend with their children. Available time is often spent screaming, "Do your homework!" or trying to ply kids off the computer. Today I'll teach you an easy way to spend more time with your kids while helping them do their homework. They won't even need to leave the computer.

As a parent you need to become savvy about using the family computer to help your kids with their homework. Websites are a great resource for kids and much-needed teachers for parents who don't remember algebra, grammar, and many other subjects. These sites walk you through generic examples so you can stoke those unused skills from the elementary and high school years.

Awesome Library

Awesome Library gives kids an opportunity to research different school subjects. "Fun and More" categories are available so that kids can ask a question, play a game, look at project possibilities, and more.


MSN Learning & Research offers tips on doing almost anything related to homework. Areas of the site are dedicated to subjects such as social studies, history, math, and geography. If MSN is your Internet service provider, you'll have access to a Homework Center, including The Web Directory, a place where parents and kids can look through a collection of homework websites.

America Online

America Online has two homework help areas:

AOL@School is open to anyone. It includes resources for different grade levels, research information, news, and current events.

If you subscribe to AOL, enter keyword "homework" to reach Homework Help. Kids can ask teachers homework questions, read about a variety of subjects, and access reference materials. Parents can go here to get tips on helping kids with homework.

Diane Provo is a child education expert. Visit the Provo & Associates website for more information.