Computer Hardware and Peripherals

Our Hardware Provides:

    • Top Performance
    • Competitive Cost
    • Reliability
    • Pay-for-what-you-need

Relax, and let us stress over the computer hardware for you!

DNS will assemble, test, and deliver the equipment that will get the job done for you, then we will train you on using it.

There is no 'One-Size-Fit's-All' computer system that we take off-the-shelf and provide to you. Each system we configure is a custom assembly of the necessary parts to perform your tasks and stay within your budget. We do this by identifying the tasks you will be performing with the equipment and then designing the most competitive configuration from current wholesale supplies.

And, by concentrating on the use of industry-leading, brand components and integrating them into a complete system, we have achieved the lowest cost-of-ownership values for our customers.