Healthcare Software and Services

DNS, serving medical and dental practices for over 12 years, can provide practice management software that is designed specifically for healthcare practitioners. Whether medical or dental, with a specialty or a general focus, we can provide the software, hardware, and consulting services to streamline your operations and maximize your data storage and retrieval resources. We are your local, turn-key partner for any technical support needs.

Medical And Dental:

    • Software
    • Training
    • Tech-Support
    • Online Resources

We know that time is critical when your staff needs assistance. We also know that many of our clients wish to be self-sufficient for their daily tasks. We base our services on those factors and provide our clients with comprehensive training that allows them to control the software and equipment in their office at the level of self-sufficiency they desire. In addition to our on-call service expertise, we provide a collection of tools that your staff can use at their convenience to build competence and skills in many aspects of your office operations, such as specialized step-by-step proceedures, our customized links to online-resources, and our discussion groups accessible on this website.

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